Dealing with arthritis

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Dealing with arthritis

Postby doyin » October 7th, 2014, 3:50 pm

Arthritis ayurvedic treatment promises results based on the patient and the type of arthritis affected. People have many general misconceptions about arthritis and old age and many are not aware of the various types of arthritis and it is generally associated with joint pain, fever and losing appetite. Improper digestion and ‘vata’ accumulated in the weaker parts of the body causes arthritis and this condition must be treated at the first signs of symptoms. As per Ayurvedic concepts, the treatment is suggested after analyzing the patient and extensive study of patient history and family history. Nowadays, it seems to affect people of all age-groups and due to the present day living conditions it has become more prevalent and common. Daily purgation is recommended and the first step in the treatment protocol would be to cleanse the internal system from all accumulated impurities. Ayurveda focuses on uprooting the diseases in its entirety rather than just dealing with the symptoms. It is not likely that by just treating the symptoms the disease can be suppressed, a long term solution comes by incorporating major changes in the diet, with medicines and systematic living. In the early stages, the joints may seem stiff and swelling may be seen accompanied by pain later on as the disease progresses. Lubricating the joints through expert massages and eating the right foods and leading a systematic life can help deal with arthritis. When treating, Ayurveda follows a customized approach for each persons as this is the way it works.
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Re: Dealing with arthritis

Postby John3 » October 31st, 2015, 5:00 pm

Very nice post on “Dealing with arthritis”!! In my opinion natural treatments are best for arthritis. I also had arthritis and got it treated with acupuncture therapy. My cousin suggested acupuncture Mississauga clinic for that. Truly, it is very professional center.
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