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Riding the MRT does not definitely embody our country's tourism tagline: It's more fun in the Philippines.
In fact, in the past years when the DOTC took over its maintenance, defects, problems, and even accidents are regularly on the news. Despite its current poor condition, some commuters have no choice but to continue riding the congested railway even when the DOTC has pushed its fare hike.
We, commuters, deserve better than this.
There are a lot of issues surrounding the decaying of our MRT, with even a lot more entities pointing away the blame. Be it the fault of the government, private sectors, or maybe the commuters, we all surely deserve a better MRT experience.
We deserve no queues. We deserve faster train intervals. We deserve cool air-conditioning system. We deserve safety. We deserve every peso of the fare that we pay.
Now that the government has released the budget for the rehabilitation of the MRT, we need to be the watchdog of the funds we deserve. Yes to rehabilitation. No to corruption!
We can make rehabilitation happen by showing the "authorities" that we are already fed up of their schemes. We can make rehabilitation happen by making a strong call that we, commuters, are unified in our advocacy to Save MRT!
We are urging you to like our page to show the authorities our count, the count of the people that wants change! We are urging you to like our page and join us in this online revolution calling to SAVE MRT!
Mission: Rescue Transit!
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Twitter and IG: www.twitter.com/savemrt and
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