Pending Option Spotlight- Magglio Ordone

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Pending Option Spotlight- Magglio Ordone

Postby sherry2018love » October 16th, 2017, 2:41 pm

Magglio Ordonezs bat was just too good to keep off the field in 2008 and 2009. Normally, that wouldnt be a very bad thing, but Ordonezs 1141 plate appearancesduring that stretch forced the 2010 Tigers to commit $18 million dollars to the aging outfielder. Ordonez had a good 2010, posting a .375 wOBA, however a fractured right ankle limited him to simply 365 plate appearances and therefore a couple.5 WAR again, solid, but nowhere near $18 million dollars of worth.
Although its feasible that Ordonez could have kept the Tigers in the race they were only two.5 back of Chicago and 1.5 behind Minnesota during the time of damages the Tigers will at least avoid a second, $15 million vesting option this year. Ordonezs 365 PAs to end the growing season easily dodged the 540 PA threshold which may have vested the option.
The Tigers still could exercise the choice on their own, but theres no way to rationalize paying a soon-to-be 36 years old slugger coming off a significant injury in a 3.5-4 WAR price. Ordonez is therefore sure to hit the disposable agent market, in which a player of his caliber 6.6 WAR within the last three seasons will inevitably be coveted around the league.
Ordonezs suitors in the NL figure to become limited because of his insufficient defensive value, but there should be an AL team prepared to add another bat like Ordonez given the pathetic condition of the DH position. Not really a single team set up a much better mark than Ordonez s .375 wOBA, and only the Orioles (Luke Scott), Red Sox (David Ortiz), Twins (Jim Thome), and Rangers (Vladimir Guerrero) equaled or bettered ... ers_Jersey Ordonezs +21 run offensive projection from CHONE.
There are three players on last years free agent market that strike me as much like Ordonez: Bobby Abreu, Vladimir Guerrero, and Hideki Matsui. If teams still believe that Ordonez is really a legitimate right fielder po sible given his -7 DRS since 2008 Abreus two year, $19 million deal makes a large amount of sense. If hes relegated to some DH role a stronger po sibility in my opinion, given the injury and a -15 UZR/-19 TZ since 2008 perhaps a one year, incentive laden deal like those of Guerrero and Matsui will be all the market has for him. If CHONEs projected worth of Ordonez is on, he need to look for a roughly $10 million AAV on a new contract in the field and slightly le s as a primary DH.
Among teams with ideas of contention, the White Sox and Rays might take a look at Ordonez, and perhaps the Tigers could bring him back on the cheaper deal. Seattle will be a short term fit too, however they likely wont be competing in 2011 and Ordonez probably doesnt project as much of a lasting investment, unle s hes a trade chip. Unle s a team has a log jam at DH and COF, it would be hard to criticize them for bringing Ordonez aboard, and at the best price, he could be the bat that vaults a group into the playoffs.
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