Attention all beasts and cute monsters lovers!

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Attention all beasts and cute monsters lovers!

Postby Monsterer » March 21st, 2015, 3:00 pm

Are you familiar with pokemon style games? If yes! Then you will have no problem getting started in Monster MMORPG.

A long time in development, Monster MMORPG V2 is here!

So what is Monster MMORPG ? :-?

Monster MMORPG is a free to play, browser based, full scale MMORPG game with development driven by our player base. Currently, the game is being developed by Furkan Gözükara (M.Sc.) with the help of volunteer players and artists. Check the credits for more information.

To check Furkan's profile please click the link

We currently have:

✅ More than 1,200 Monsters
✅ 18 Unique types
✅ 3,000 Different attack moves
✅ Over 200 Monster abilities
✅ 100 Monster natures
✅ ]A Unique Values (UV) system (similar to IV values in Pokemon)
✅ Training Points (TP) system (similar to EV values in Pokemon)
✅ NPC Trainers to battle
✅ 19 Arenas, each with a challenging opponent inside

Game Details and Highlights

✔ Game url:
✔ Register page:
✔ MonsterDex page:
✔ Example monster page:
✔ Game Zones interface:
✔ Search Game Maps interface:
PvP battles
✔ Individual map page example Lily Pond:
✔ Game also provides type chart table (like Pokemon type chart) so you can see type effectiveness among monsters:
✓ All game screenshots can be viewed from here:
✔ Gameplay Trailer video:

✅ No donations or monthly subscriptions are required.
✅ Anyone can catch anything!
✅ No download required.
✅ Monstermmorpg uses very high quality images and has many different talented artists who work hard at keeping the quality and sprite alive to stay true to the games nature.
✅ Monstermmorpg host a lot of awesome features such as a working market and trade system.
✅ Battle a friend with the PvP system and show them who's the best!
✅ Cool battle mechanics such as burn, free, paralysis, poison etc...
✅ Fantastic artwork that brings the Monsterdex to life.

So what are you waiting for? JOIN US NOW!
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